Things I've written for, Scroll around.
Content Writer TIFF Memberships
During 2016 I worked with TIFF as a membership representative. I was fortunate enough to do a write up for them for the 2016 'Canada's Top Ten Film Festival'. The write up was sent out to all the TIFF members.
Social Media Wizard
in 2015 I worked as a personal assistant and social media wizard for Monica Parker while she was prepairing for the launch of her book 'OMG How Children See God'. During my time with Monica I would post her tweets, Facebook statuses and find content for Intsagram and Pinterest. I was also on call for any tech support related problems.
Blog Writer - Literally.ca
From 2014-2015 I wrote the blog for the analytics company Literally.ca. Some of my favourite posts can be found in my blog archive.
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