The latest and Greatest ; Jon Lootz' Buoyant; rhythm and rhymes / solid advice on how to stay a float.

December 18, 2018



Jon Lootz is a young, up coming voice in the  GTA hip hop scene, and I'm not using young as a term to describe his age. Lootz really has a fresh way of addressing issues that plague this generation, distant enough from conforming rules and expectations of our elders. Him, as an icon and alongside the words he speaks and volume of said voice, is a lighthouse directing this next wave home.


You only get a taste of it on this EP, but with each track, the ripples and feeling roll in, varying, like the sea itself.


Take a look at the opening track 'Bad Things'. This track is a vulnerable look at self destructive habits, the effect of it on mental health and the correlative relationship between the two; When coping becomes the trigger.  Vulnerability is conducted through the general soundscape of the tune as well, which seems to be a common theme throughout the EP. Each track, varying in perspective on similar relevant issues are just as varying in the musicianship to back them up.


'Do not Distrub' is a track that acts as a jazzy mantra. The soothing back grooves mixes warm warbles and echos of vinyl hiss. It's a mix of calm nostolgic perseptives, snapshots of happier times and positive affirmations to influence a better tomorrow. This is all in lieu  of a more trying current time, acknowledging there is always light through every cloud. It Projects ideals of self care, at its finest


Sometimes you just have to flex.


You get a good grasp at how playfully intented each track is on this EP when looking at the final track 'Good Things' which book ends it's similarly titled paramore. However, title is the only real similarity between the two. This track has a snappy little acoustic diddy fluttering behind positive expressions of the same tragic ideas that plague the remainder of the EP. This tune acts as a warm embrace, a cathartic finish to an expression of some tough shit.



If you have a moment, go to the link below and support some local art. You will not be disappointed with this doodes quick wit, a true gift. 



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