Films I've either created or worked on
The Future Shop Story; Brantford, ON
This documentary is the first film of a passion project of mine. It is created, produced, directed and edited by me. I worked alongside Jordan Corke and various other helpful people to push this bad boy out. 'The Future Shop Story' is a short doc that shows the downfall and eventual closure of the Canadian Branded store 'Future Shop'. I specifically chose to represent my home town of Brantford in the film due to it's history of unenployment.
Fare Trade (Webseriese)
in 2017 I shadowed and worked as Script Supervisor on the web seriese Fare Trade.
Demo Time IPF Pitch
I worked alongside Calwyn to film the pitch video for the IPF in 2017, again as DOP
Eleven Eleven's
I worked as DOP for Calwyn for this parody vid Halloween 2016.
Alter Ego Films
Since 2016 I've been working as Production Coordinator and Script Supervisor along side Liam Benstead at Alter Ego Films INC. We have built up a vast resume of comercials in this short span of time.
The Village Green (Webseriese)
I worked for a short stint as DMP on the webseriese 'The Village Green'
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