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    My name is Glynnis Grant-Henderson and yes that's why it's glynnisghenderson.com! Thanks for visiting. 


Who am I? I am a writer who specializes (one could say) in screenplay's. However, I have a pretty broad spectrum of interests and therefore I tend to do more writing than just screenplays. This site is a means of being productive with all those other things I do! Examples of what you will see on this site include short stories, reviews of music, movies and books and sometimes even just little thoughts about life that pop into my brain. So again, welcome to my brain wave and make sure you cling on tight, I've heard it's a pretty strange and bumpy ride. And for your troubles, below is a picture of me found on Google Maps.Yes it's a thing and it happened on more than one occasion, yes those are some very bright and very short short's and despite the Goole earth evidence I do own more clothing than just those orange bottoms. Enjoy or be mortified - the decision is up to you. 

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